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Applicants wishing to enter Secondary education must have passed Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination, or its equivalent with high credits (B scores) in English, Mathematics, and Science.

The applicant must submit (1) the number of the Primary School Leaving Certificate; (2) two letters of reference: One from the headmaster, or mistress of the school where the applicant sat the Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination testifying his or her knowledge of the applicant and also submitting the marks of the terms before the Primary School Certificate Examinations. A second letter of reference must be from the applicant's standard eight teacher addressing the applicant's character and general class performance. All letters must have the signatures of the writers and official stamp of the school.

Applicants for a diploma or a baccalaureate degree programme must have:

  • Passed at least six subjects of Malawi School Certificate of Education including English, Mathematics, and Science (Physical science, biology, chemistry or physics).
  • Passed five subjects at Ordinary Level with grades A and B. Three of those must be English, Mathematics, and Science passed at no less than a B.
  • C. Passed four subjects, three of which must be A levels in English, Mathematics, and Science

All prospective students must take an entrance examination as part of the required process for admission.

All applicants must submit:

  • The certificate number and the number of points passed on the MSCE, O, or A Level examinations
  • An official transcript of his or her marks of the last two terms before taking MSCE, O or A Levels. The transcript must bear the School's stamp or Principal's signature.

  • Two letters of references: One from the headmaster of the school or centre where the applicant took the examination, and a second letter from one of the form four teachers who had the applicant in his or her class testifying to the character and class performance of the applicant.

Applicants to post graduate studies, a Masters or doctoral degree programme must submit:

  • Two copies of certificates, diplomas, or degrees
  • Two original transcripts of academic records
  • Two copies of proposed area of study and research along with sample writing.
  • Three names of individuals writing letters of reference: 1). A manager or superior officer at the current position at work; 2) a professor under whom the applicant studied testifying to the class performance and reliability of the applicant; former university
  • A curriculum vitae
  • A K9,840 application processing fee for Masters degree and K10,660 for a doctoral programme.

Sindima Memorial Institute welcomes mature applicants. Many people leave school early, or were unable to enter university education due to the limited spaces in public universities. Sindima Memorial Institute encourages mature students to enter university studies and achieve their potential to experience fullness of their life to make valuable contribution to the development of Malawi. To qualify for mature admission the applicant must be out of school for five years, or be 23 years on 1st. January of the year of the application.


Secondary Education:
  • Residential MK164,180
  • Non-residential MK83,166.66
  • Weekend MK55,000

  • Residential MK216,000
  • Non-residential MK136,000
  • Weekend MK93,335


  • Residential MK240,000 per term
  • Non-residential MK168,500
  • Weekend MK130,000

  • Residential MK300,000
  • Non-residential MK225,000
  • Weekend MK185,000

  • Residential MK355,000
  • Non-resident MK320,000
  • Weekend MK306,500

Applicants must submit all requirements. No application will be considered if one of the requirements has no not been submitted, or the application does not meet the requirements. All application forms and a Postal Money Order, Bank Draft, Bank Certified Cheque, or wire transfer must be submitted to:

Undergraduate Admissions
Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology
P. O. Box 1124
Blantyre. Malawi

Sindima Memorial Institute also accepts Credit card payment made through PayPal to Blantyre North Relief Project account at

Entrance Examination

Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology administrators an Entrance Examination to applicants who have met admission requirements. Applicants must pass the examination with a minimum of 50 points on all the sections of the examination to be admitted into secondary education, or the baccalaureate programme.

Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology
P. O. Box 1124
Blantyre. Malawi