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Our Mission

The mission of Sindima Memorial Institute
is to provide education for life by training
well-rounded, resourceful, and productive citizens,
rooted in the heritage and life of Africa.

Sindima Memorial Institute trains
students in the arts, technical, scientific knowledge,
and in skills in preparing them to be independent thinkers
and workers towards actualizing their potential
in umunthu in life and work.

Sindima Memorial Institute's objective is to
prepare highly trained and skilled professionals who will respond to the health, economic, and development needs
of Malawi and Africa.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of
Sindima memorial Institute of Arts and Technology
is rooted in the Malawian philosophy of umunthu,
humanness, or fullness of human life.

Accordingly, Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology trains, equips, and empowers learners to actualise their
full human potential to realise their personhood
and become productive citizens.

Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology
trains learners to develop to the highest degree in all
the dimensions of human values necessary to achieve umunthu: intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and social.

The philosophy of
Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology
is expressed in its cornerstones:
Faith, Knowledge, Culture, and Service.

A Welcome by the Vice Chancellor

Takulandirani! A very warm welcome indeed to the company of scholars and community of learners of Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology. We are glad you are here. We invite you to visit the various sites of our web home.

You will find us a unique and distinct independent private world-class university rooted in the liberal arts tradition and African culture. There are many things that set Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology apart while at the same time making us a premier university. You find those things enshrined in our core values and they are reflected in the range of our degree offerings at all levels: Baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral programmes.

While many of the values that make us a unique premier university are easily identifiable through our web pages, there are some, however, that we want to articulate.
  • We have an outstanding faculty staff, Malawians and from different parts of the world where we have gone to attract the best of minds and great scholars in their field.
  • We require liberal arts courses as well as cultural excellence training for all students.
  • We require computer keyboarding and computer concepts and software so that every student of Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology will be highly computer literate.
  • We have state-of-the-art classrooms that are Ethernet-wired for high-speed video, audio, and data transmission. Every classroom will be connected to the world via internet or telephone.
  • Students will be able to access a wireless connection in every building through our wireless router.
  • We will subscribe to 80 academic databases and search engines to build a virtual library for modern research, study, and training in almost all of our discipline offerings.

Our academic infrastructure speaks volumes of our core values: Our main academic building will have 43 classrooms, 5 lecture halls, 12 dedicated laboratories, 3 major computer laboratories, 20 staff offices and a faculty staff lounge. We have a hospital with state-of-the-art equipment for our physicians and other clinicians to execute their responsibilities to the best of their knowledge and experience, but also to perform as researchers, and professors to train future doctors and clinicians best practices and for patients to receive the best medical care available.

Our campus is 54km from the city, but we have the ideal place for a dedicated scholar-teacher and a serious student. Imagine a student with a laptop studying under a tree serenaded by birds perching up in the tree. Imagine a student up on the second or third floor conducting an experiment with a professor in one of the dedicated labs in the cool of the evening. Or, imagine a group of students on the fourth floor simply enjoying each other's company, but with a view as far as the eye can see, perhaps enjoying a beautiful sunset. This is Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology campus seating on a hill. So if you, or your child, nephew or niece is a serious student, think no further; make Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology your first and only choice and you will be glad to have chosen a premier world-class university.

Now imagine yourself, your family member, or relative getting a world-class education and degree, a master's, or perhaps a doctorate at a fraction of the cost in tuition, fees, and expenses elsewhere. Would it not be great? Yes it would be. The good news is that the opportunity for great and higher education at a low cost is a reality and it is already here-Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology where we offer degree programmes for traditional and mature students, even Saturday only students.

Takulandirani! We are glad you stopped here. Enjoy our web home and tell others about the great opportunities we offer.

Silas Ncozana, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor and Professor of Church History

We are a unique and distinct university, like no other. Our core values explain our distinction:

Core Values

Academic Excellence
A university is as good as its professors, judged by the quality of students they produce. We intend to produce the best graduates who will be agents of development and change in Malawi and Africa.

Excellence in Research and Development
We seek to be a research university that focuses on developing and disseminating knowledge and capabilities to establish new academic programmes in key growth-generating fields.

Cultural Excellence
A university is an heir to the culture and traditions of its people and place. We have an integrated and comprehensive continuous cultural excellence programme across the curriculum in every discipline and degree programme including terminal degree courses, to reflect the culture and traditions of Malawi and Africa.

Professional Excellence
We seek to enhance competence in all professions and careers and to nurture high quality human resources in academic circles and to encourage industrial competitiveness in interdisciplinary fields so as to transform Malawi and Africa.

A World Class University
We dream dreams and see visions; we think big, work hard, and we are intentional about being among the best universities in the world. We have inbuilt benchmarks of a world class university: facilities, diversity of the teaching staff, students, and fields of study, a comprehensive curriculum, and a high quality of teaching.

Sindima Memorial Secondary School
This is a university secondary school, the only one of its kind in Malawi, designed to prepare pupils for undergraduate studies and research in the sciences within the liberal arts tradition of learning. Pupils live and study in a university environment and are exposed to university education and discipline by taking university introductory courses in the third year of the four-secondary curriculum. The university introductory courses are taught by university lecturers and professors, but all Sindima Memorial Institute secondary school teachers have a masters degree in their area of training and they are experienced teachers with many years of teaching. Sindima Memorial Institution secondary school curriculum gives pupils a head-start at university education and enables complete university studies by one academic year.

Sindima Memorial Hospital
Faculty of Allied Health Sciences is the flagship of Sindima Memorial Institute. With six departments-an outpatient, emergency, surgery, medical/surgical, maternity, pediatric, laboratory, and radiology-and being right on campus, Sindima Memorial Hospital strengthens the Faculty of Allied Health. The hospital provides allied health students a place to gain wide experience in clinical experience to complement their knowledge in theory. The Hospital also serves as an infirmary for students, staff, and their families.

The Founders

Harvey J. Sindima, Cert., M.Div., Ph.D.
Professor Sindima is currently Professor of Philosophy and Religion, and Presidential (distinguished) Scholar at Colgate University. He trained at the Presbyterian Theological College in Malawi, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Interdenominational Theological Centre, and Princeton Theological Seminary, U.S.A. He graduated with distinction at all the institutions. He has been a professor for twenty-seven years. He is a distinguished teacher and scholar, an author of more than a dozen books and numerous articles in academic journals. Professor Sindima is also the Founder and Executive Editor of Transformed: A Malawian Theological Journal.

Professor Sindima is the Founder and Executive Director of Blantyre North Relief Project (BNRP), a government recognised NGO and a member of Council for Non-Governmental Organisations in Malawi (CUGOMA). BNRP is the parent organisation of Sindima Memorial Institute. The mission of BNRP is to provide humanitarian assistance to children and youth orphaned by HIV/AIDS and TB patients, women, the elderly, the physically challenged, and the chronically ill. BNRP also focuses on health. The organisation runs a nutritional feeding centre with 180 children. BNRP is also currently engaged in a malaria eradication project that has fifty malaria monitors and seven support staff covering the areas of Chiefs Chigaru and Lundu, and some villages of Zomba West. Read more at

Professor Sindima is an ordained Presbyterian clergyman who served in Malawi and also churches in Presbyterian Church, USA, becoming Moderator of Cayuga-Syracuse Presbytery, Chairman of Presbytery Council, and Chairman of International Partnership with South Korea. He has travelled several countries in Asia, Europe, South America, and provinces of Canada.

Gertrude M. Sindima, RN., CNM., Dip., AAS, BSN., MSN, (Ph.D.).
Registered Nurse and Midwife, Gertrude Sindima, are also the Cofounder and secretary of Sindima Memorial Institute as well as Blantyre North Relied Project. She has been a nurse for more than 40 years. Having initially trained at Holy Family Hospital School of Nurse-Midwifery, Phalombe, Malawi, she earned her high academic achievements in nursing at five institutions of higher learning in nursing in the United States of America: Helen Fuld School of Nursing, Mercer Community College, Syracuse University, South University, and New Mexico State University, Las Cruses. Her area of doctoral specialisation is women's health, but she has wide experience in nursing as a mobile clinic nurse, floor nurse, operating theatre nurse, charge-nurse in maternity and delivery, supervisor medical-surgical, and as an instructor.

About Us

Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology is a unique, independent, and private university rooted in Malawian life and culture, to provide high quality education and training in the arts, sciences, and professional fields needed for the development of Malawi and Africa. Sindima Memorial Institute has six faculties: Arts and Humanities, Business, Communication, Life and Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, and Allied Health Sciences. The university offers a total of 150 degree programmes: 75 baccalaureate degrees, 45 masters, and 30 doctoral programmes. Sindima Memorial Institute offers a science-specialty secondary school to prepare students for university learning and research in the sciences.

"The vision for Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology came as I struggled in my mind with how to address poverty among our people. For years I prayed for wisdom to find a business enterprise comprehensive enough to provide opportunity to many people. The vision did not come until one blessed morning when in a split of a second, the ordinary and obvious became a powerful vision. In that blessed moment it dawned upon me that I was a teacher and the business I knew best was education and that there was no better way out of poverty than higher education. Thus, a vision was born, to build a university that would respond to the economic and development needs of Malawi and Africa".

"My wife was very excited about the vision and together we identified health, science, and technology as critical areas for development of Malawi. We saw the mission of the university as preparing highly trained and skilled professionals who would respond to health and economic needs in the development of Malawi. The university would, therefore, focus on science and technology with health as the flagship of the university. We decided too that the university would place culture as an integral part of the university's curriculum to have cultural relevant education, an education that reflected the culture and traditions of its context, Malawi and Africa".

"We named the university after my parents, because of their interest, efforts, encouragement, and support for education.  They had an abiding belief and conviction that only education could release one’s full potential and enable and individual to lead a dignified life. They encouraged their children and those of their relatives and promoted education in their local area. Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology is the actualization of their belief and conviction that for some education is the key to a dignified life".

"It took years to open the university, because it was built out of pocket for no bank took interest in the vision of a university by a private individual. Nevertheless, we decided we would build the university of out of pocket, no matter how long it would take. We hired people to make one million bricks and produce 500,000 metric tonnes of quarry stone. Just as no bank took an interest in our vision, neither was there any willing architect, because the project would need millions in United States dollars. I took the rejection as a challenge. I decided to teach myself architectural drawing to make the floor plans. For three months, for a minimum of six hours every night, I studied architecture. Finally, I drew the floor plans that were approved by the Malawi Department of Surveys and, later the Secretary for education who gave the permission to begin construction. Groundbreaking took place on 13th August 2005 and the Secretary for Education himself participated in the ceremony. On 20 November, 2011 the Board of Sindima Memorial Institute installed Ambassador Silas Ncozana, Ph.D. as the first Vice-Chancellor of the university.

The seal encapsulates Sindima Memorial Institute's philosophy of education: To prepare men and women for life and to be partners in the economic development of Africa. The words in the lower half of the seal announce the key words of Sindima Memorial Institute's motto: Faith, knowledge, culture, and service. The motto itself in full is: "Faith in God, excellence in knowledge and culture, and dedication to service." The fish eagle represents excellence, because of its clear-sightedness, might, and swiftness. Perceptiveness, might in deed, and swiftness in action shall be the goals in training students. A net in a globe form within the gold area symbolises Sindima Memorial Institute drawing techers and students from around the world. In the black area below gold within the circle is Sindima Memorial Institute's mission: Education for Life.

The colours of Sindima Memorial Institute shall be gold and black. In the seal, the eagle is black in colour, surrounded by a sea of gold ending in the black of the circle. The black eagle symbolises the students of Sindima Memorial Institute soaring high to excellence in knowledge, culture, and to a golden future symbolised by the gold colour. Sindima Memorial Institutes's flag is gold with black borders and the logo of Sindima Memorial Institute in the middle.

Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology is a 1500 student body university with plans to grow to 3,500 students by 2015. The university has both residential and non-residential students who include weekend students.
Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology
P. O. Box 1124 Blantyre. Malawi