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The relationship between universities and publishing is a historical one. Universities rely on printing presses to provide a medium for preserving and disseminating knowledge. The university press continues to be important to the academy even in this age of the digital media and a profusion of electronic journals, the increasing number of e-books and other reading materials. University presses exist to publish books for the academy, that is, for a very limited audience. Consequently, they are not for profit of owners and shareholders as commercial publishers. Being not for profit, university presses take on works for their contribution to knowledge and not large volume sales for profit as commercial publishers.

Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology wants to encourage scholars to contribute to knowledge by giving them an avenue for publishing and disseminating knowledge gained from discovery through research and study. Sindima Memorial Institute has acquired Africa Academy Press to promote scholarship in Malawi and southern Africa. It is important to have a publishing house even when publishers are moving towards electronic formats. While e-books may soon be available everywhere in Africa, the traditional book will remain important and even critical archival permanence of scholarly work for years to come. We do not know the future of e-books and journals in regards to preserving knowledge given the fast changing storage formats and the quick degeneration of the medium formats themselves compared to the print medium. The cost of digital medium is very high to acquire and maintain it. In Africa such technology is out of reach of most university students.

It is natural that Sindima Memorial Institute take advantage of the presence of its highly-trained and research oriented professors and lecturers, to have a peer-review press that will be the guardian and preserver of knowledge. Further, the presence of so many world-class scholars will make it easy to find peer-reviewers from many universities in the region. The works of the faculties of Sindima Memorial Institute will undergo the scrutiny and rigor of outside peer reviewers before being accepted for publication by Africa Academy Press.

In addition to having Africa Academy as an imprint of Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology, the university has also inherited Transformed, a theological journal. The first issue is made available for in it is the objective of the journal. Transformed will be an organ of the College of Religion of Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology. The journal is the first of academic journals of the university. More journals for various disciplines will be published by Africa Academy Press. Like Transformed, all journals will be peer-reviewed.

P. O. BOX 1124
A ladder to academic excellence

Mission The mission of Africa Academic Press (AAP) is to promote excellence in education by publishing high quality textbooks, study guides, and educational aids at an affordable price and to be an avenue for dissemination of academic books to colleges, universities, and research libraries in Malawi, southern Africa, and the world.

About AAP Africa Academy Press is an independent scholarly publisher founded by scholars. AAP is dedicated to academic excellence. It concentrates on publishing books for use in primary and secondary schools, colleges, and libraries. AAP publishes study guides, text books, religious books, academic monographs, distinguished theses and dissertations, methodological studies, conference proceedings, commentaries, translations, and reference titles.

Manuscript For initial consideration of a project, send a letter of inquiry along with a self-stamped envelop to:

Africa Academy Press
P. O. Box 1124
Blantyre, Malawi.

Mailing Authors are encouraged to use the most secure way to ensure the safety of their manuscript. AAP will not be liable for loss or damaged manuscript. Register your manuscript if sending by Postal services. Sending a manuscript as Express mail will ensure safe delivery to AAP’s office. Send a self-stamped postcard for notification of the safe arrival of your manuscript.

Unsolicited submissions are received and evaluation is completed in a prompt manner (4–6 weeks). AAP does not have a system for tracking the status of unsolicited material. Therefore, authors are encouraged not to call about the status of individual proposals.

Publishing AAP is highly selective in its choice of manuscripts for publication. AAP does not seek to publish high volume of titles each year, but a few distinguished guides and academic works.

Production Once a contract is signed and received by AAP, it takes approximately three to four months for a book to be printed from camera-ready manuscripts. It takes four to six months when AAP typesets the manuscripts.

Marketing AAP has an aggressive marketing strategy. Once the book has entered production, that is, when camera-ready manuscript has been received, or AAP has typeset the manuscript, Advanced Book Information (ABI) is sent around colleges and universities in Malawi and southern Africa to research libraries, wholesalers, distributors, book sellers of African books.

Orders Terms of Sale. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Individual Orders and Book Stores: AAP ships all orders within two days of the receipt of Money Order or a Bank Draft. All orders are shipped within 24 hours.

Schools, colleges, and libraries: Will need to deal directly with the Marketing and Distribution Department.

Marketing and Sales

Attn. Lissen Mnessa
(265) 0888–665–639;
(265) 0999–344–328

Linda Sindima
P. O. Box 1124
Blantyre, Malawi.

Sindima Memorial Institute of Arts and Technology
P. O. Box 1124 Blantyre. Malawi